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Official Blogs of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Providers:

Third-Party Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Related Blogs & Discussion Forums:

  • Lend Academy Blog – News, Analysis, Coverage and Active Discussion of the US P2P Lending Industry (CURRENT)

  • Lend Academy Forum – Active, Collegial and Insightful Discussions of P2P Lending Platforms & P2P Models (CURRENT)

  • WiseClerk News – Comprehensive Coverage of P2P Lending Developments Across The Globe (CURRENT)
  • LendStats P2P Lending Blog – by KenL of, the P2P Lending Performance Statistics Site (CURRENT)
  • Prosper Days 2007 Lender Conference Blog by DebInVenice
  • Prosper Lending Resources – Info/Blog
  • Prosperous Land Prosper/P2P Reviews/Commentary by tash (Last Active 2010)
  • Money Walks Prosper Stats by HollowOak (Last Active 2008)
  • Prosper Lending Review P2P News & Info (Last Active 2009)
  • Prosperlicious - Opinion & Analysis by CellarDoor (Last Active 2010)
  • Prosper Blog by RateLadder (Last Active 2010)
  • P2P Lending Blog Aggregator by RateLadder (Closed)
  • Warm N Fuzzy Prosper Blog by LoanChimp (Last Active 2008)
  • Peer to Peer Lending with Prosper by idfn (Last Active 2008)
  • Prosper Coverage by SKFox (Last Active 2008)
  • My Prosper Experience by j9359 (Last Active 2009)
  • Personal Loan Portfolio (Last Active 2009)
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